Wiser Globe is a worldwide organization with its HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We unite the stakeholders and contributors to the fashion industry and empower them to do good together. Today, we combine more than 10.000 people, working in state-of-the-art factories on 5 of 7 continents, creating over 200 million pieces of the highest quality of denim, woven and knits, to be sold in over 100 countries around the world. Although it started small, Wiser has always aimed for something way bigger.
Let’s unite and
breakthrough towards
a Wiser World.
Our natural resources are declining at a fast pace and biologist believe we are living through the sixth major mass extinction. Our beloved industry, known for its innovative spirit, is said to be one of the main contributors to rapid climate change. This is affecting daily life for each and everyone of us. For the love of fashion, this needs to change. So we invite you to join the greatest minds in the industry, the world’s most forward-thinking brands and innovative manufacturers from USA to China to challenge our ways and breakthrough towards a Wiser world.


When we join forces, we have the power to wise up the global supply chain and create a brighter future.
Together we can build the technology and infrastructure needed to stop wasting water, energy and resources. Together we can discover and share the knowledge to move forward. Together we can campaign and touch the hearts of consumers worldwide. Only together we can preserve our roots and grow a sustainable business.

There’s a strong call for sustainability in the fashion industry.

On both B2B and B2C level, there is an increased awareness for environmental consciousness.

But in an industry that’s merely driven by speed of pace and (low) pricing, it could be seen as a struggle to act with a true conscious and make the transition to a sustainable future.


The missing know-how.

Sustainability currently lacks the commercial appeal. Sourcing Directors or other business leaders often also don’t have the know-how or understanding on how to deal with fashion and sustainability differently.

This is where Wiser Globe comes into the picture. We not only show you the bright side of sustainability, but you will have the possibility to learn form the experts. Here, at Wiser Globe, we are all about changing businesses. Changing the industry and the way we do things. A positive change. A sustainable change.


Conscious and sensitive fashion shoppers.

Conscious fashion shoppers feel the urgency to act responsibly, however sustainability and affordable fashion still seems to be a struggle. Many conscious consumers are aware of the negative impact of their fashion decisions, although they often don’t know about the scale of the issue.

Wiser Globe leads the sustainable transformation of the industry. At Wiser Globe we encourage you and invite conscious consumers to join us on this quest to wise up the fashion world.




In the world of fashion there is a constant hunger for newness. We love this eagerness and feeling for excitement. But we only love it when newness equals better than yesterday. And better is not just about innovative looks and higher profits. Because that will not last for long anymore. We need to go beyond: We need to be wiser.